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Lavender & Wolf

Owner – Kim Antonio
I’m CEO and Founder of I entered the digital marketing field in 2018 helping businesses generate more income. I am known for my proprietary method of getting new customers on demand using digital advertising.

I manage a team of expert strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, and ads managers who work with a steady flow of clients to launch ad campaigns and skyrocket their businesses to the next level.

I have formulated a streamlined approach to make your marketing strategy highly effective and completely off of your plate.

Because I’m an entrepreneur myself, I feel your drive and energy in your business. I am right there with you, and know you are looking for support you can TRUST.

I genuinely believe that the right team is the difference between success and failure. Businesses who constantly stay in their zone of genius and outsource the rest will see the results they are looking for. Every. Single. Time.